The Family Support Group (FSG) initiative was found to be necessary as a result of the OFNC snap survey carried out at the August 2019 OFNC Family Conference, which gave an indication that some families in the OFNC are going through some relational challenges and other pressing issues. For this purpose, the OFNC National Executive Council (NEC) decided the time was right to establish the FSG.

The framework document for the operations of the FSG was approved by the OFNC NEC at the July 2020 NEC meeting.

Purpose of the FSG/Targets

As the name suggests, the primary purpose of the Family Support Group (FSG) will be to provide both support for families and individuals in the OFNC who are going through relational challenges and other pressing issues. The aim of the Group is to facilitate harmonious, joyful and godly family living.

Scope of Operation of the FSG

The scope of operation for support may include the following:

  • Relational challenges and other issues. These would include marital conflict, and conflict between parents and children; as well as dispute between brethren within the OFNC Family.
  • Support parents whose children have been removed or are being removed by the Social Services. This may require some form of parental training as and when required by the Social Services.
  • Parental support with regards to raising children, and especially teenagers. A training programme may be developed in-house, or signpost any family having issues or concerns in this regard to state agencies or other relevant charities.
  • Support families with health challenges and the bereaved. The yearly OFNC bereavement conference already in place can be further strengthened.
  • Support individuals with regards to work related challenges like unfair dismissal or racial prejudice.

FSG Contact Email Address

To contact the FSG for enquiry or support please email: family-support@ofnc.org.uk or via the OFNC website at www.ofnc.org.uk