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A dynamic, vibrant and integral group of the organisation, we are multicultural women that share the same principle believes of our faith. The women’s group is exceptional in its contribution to both the organisation and society at large. The members mostly consist of born-again Christians that share similar aspirations of bringing up families in the way of the LORD. We recently celebrated our 20-year anniversary in 2020.

We host a variety of face to face and on-line conferences annually. The Women’s National conference hosted every 2nd Saturday of June, this conference focuses on issues that affect women directly or indirectly [WominFo].

Secondly, the women in business and leadership [WinBLe] conference which is hosted once every two years. This addresses career, business, work and leadership issues that affect Christian women in our society.

The Couples Away Weekend is held every two years in February. This conference addresses marriage, relationship and gives our couples an opportunity to spend quality time together with like minded people. The weekend is loaded with activities and seminars that encourage couples to stay united in their God ordained relationships!

The Bereavement support group [ BSG] is under the care and leadership of the Women’s group. This is unique to the fellowship and we host an annual conference in October to help address issues that affect people in this way.

At the branch level individual groups host their own mini conferences and events, which keep the women motivated throughout the year. These activities range from small group outings to trips abroad, seminars, group meetings and the very popular women’s fellowship.

The women’s group is the perfect platform that helps women grow in their walk with the LORD and to showcase other skills and talents that help them adapt in the wider society. It is perfect for relationship building and professional networking.  Also, as a group we encourage charitable giving.

We support and celebrate land mark birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and graduations. Sadly, life also comes with death and so in these circumstances in collaboration with the bereavement support group, we stand in the gap, offering prayers and moral support to help our members overcome their grief.

We are Christian women with a variety of God given gifts and talents that we share with one another. The women’s group in each branch is unique in the way it goes about various activities and that is what makes the difference!

Praying, discipleship, mentoring, educating, encouraging, motivating, supporting and empowering through the grace of GOD are just a few of the things that we do best.

We pray that the good LORD who began this great ministry will continue to give it the wisdom to grow from strength to strength and generation to generation in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

Mrs Stella Chinyere Obasi

National Women’s Coordinator [Aug 2017-July 2021]

WinBLe (Women in Business and Leadership)

WinBLe organises great conferences for women who want to fulfil God’s potential for their lives.

We know that most of the time the only thing that limits us in reaching the potential that God has placed in us is a lack of knowledge.

Here at WinBLe OFNC we’re all about changing this and bringing together successful women in Business and Leadership to equip you for your future success stories! And guess what? It’s exciting!

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