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Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians : Eighteen to Thirties Group

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Who are OFNC 18-30s?

Since its reformation in 2006, the 18-30’s have evolved into a vibrant, expanding community of young adults, with active participation at branch and national level, and an ever-increasing online presence, currently boasting around 700 members on Facebook. The 18-30’s sits as a ministry within the OFNC and exists to satisfy the broad interests of our members within the age-group (i.e. eighteen (18) to thirty-nine (39) year olds). As a group, we aim to contribute to the fellowship, by showing leadership and initiative at branch levels and informing the strategy and direction of growth of the fellowship at national level in order to meet the OFNC’s objectives.


What is our vision?

To simply amplify the OFNC’s mission statement of “Everyone a faithful disciple of Christ” by being authentic, genuine and intentional about the activities we undertake. We, as a group, endeavour to support all our members spiritual walk, engage them in the Word of God and introduce them to like minded individuals.


Review – We constantly review the transition from OFNC Youth to 18-30’s to build upon the lessons learnt and compound their knowledge of Christ as the youth progress to adulthood.


We also track and engage those moving from home to University and from there into professional and family life. This ensures they have constant support from OFNC in the form of mentoring, conferences, professional advice and much more.


By engaging the 18-30’s within the 23 branches across the country; we intend to form an intentional pipeline to solidify plans made by those before us and to ensure quality OFNC leadership for our future.


Retain -In order to maximise the effect of ensuring our mission statement is embedded and maintained, we need to be able to retain all members of OFNC 18-30’s – whether they attend every conference or simply pop into a branch from time to time.


Adult life brings new responsibilities of parenthood, career, new relationships; it can be busy and stressful and we are here not only to support 18-30’s through that but to provide them tools through our events from which they can apply to their daily life.


The OFNC is missional in its work and we are always looking to bless and serve our environment by welcoming new people who experience and respond to expressions of God’s love through our obedience to His teaching.


Renew – Commitment and vision are at the core of our activities. By renewing both – alongside all members whether new or established, the journey to enduring faith and discipline in Christ can be realised and achieved.


The committee 

Currently in their first term, the 18-30’s group is co chaired by Charity Olumese Ibhadon and Joshua Abladey, supported by a dedicated committee of volunteers who commit their time and boundless energy to assist us in various capacities – including media and communications, budgetary and planning work (at branch and national levels), prayer and our annual Connect conference. The current committee work towards the establishing the vision by bringing their creativity, value and passion for Christ to ensure every member within this group has the correct teaching to form a faithful relationship with Christ.


Connect Conference

Connect is an annual residential conference exclusively for 18-30′s. We will hold the next Connect in Crewe, 23-25 February 2018 with our theme being ‘The Re-Awakening’. We have a multitude of guest speakers, workshops, and seminars lined up so it will be an amazing time. Registration is now open and we look forward to having you.


It is a great opportunity to relax, unwind, network and engage with other like-minded individuals, whilst participating in thought-provoking seminars and discussions. The aim of Connect is to rediscover God, redefine our relationship with Him and leave changed. So why not come along and join us!!

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