Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians

Everyone a faithful disciple of Christ

Who We Are

The OFNC was started in the 1960s by Nigerians who came to study in the UK. The exact founding date is not known but available records show that the first meeting took place in London in 1964 and that the first constitution was adopted on 1 December 1974 and then amended and lodged with the Charity Commission on 5 December 1976. This work which had its modest beginnings in small house groups many decades ago has since grown, touching many lives and communities in the UK and beyond through our 23 branches scattered across major UK cities. The focus of the founders continues to be our object: the advancement of the Christian faith and the relief of persons in conditions of need, hardship or distress. All our activities which include children and youth activities, men and women programmes, mission, evangelism, leadership training, pastoral care, etc., centre on our stated objectives.

The OFNC is not an organised church. We are a non-denominational Christian organisation of predominantly (but not wholly) Nigerians by nature, nurture or affiliation who all have a passion for the unity and extension of the Church. Our members, both young and old, are encouraged to be firm believers in Jesus Christ and to play active and constructive roles in their local churches and communities and in the development of the countries of which they are citizens. They are encouraged to avail themselves of the many opportunities for service and spiritual development within the OFNC and are helped to identify and develop their gifts and callings for greater effectiveness in their local churches. The OFNC is complementary to organised churches, therefore, providing a neutral interface for cohesive inter-denominational relations. We believe that this is fundamental to the propagation of our Christian ideals. We see Christianity as “a way of life” built on the foundation of repentance of sin and faith in the redemptive work of Jesus Christ which grants us access to spiritual gifts principally for service to the body of Christ and humanity at large.

The Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians (OFNC) is registered in England and Wales as both a charity, (registration number 1126774) and a company limited by guarantee, which is the OFNC LTD, (registration number 6534207). Our motto is “Everyone a Faithful Disciple of Christ”. Our Head Office address is TOP House, Shawheath Close, Manchester M15 4BQ.


If you are interested in becoming a member of OFNC (Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians), please email info@ofnc.org.uk