Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians

Everyone a faithful disciple of Christ

Over 60s

This new OFNC revived over-60s sub-group was established at the behest of the OFNC National Executive Council in 2016. Its membership would consist of any OFNC member who is 60 or above and their spouse of whatever age.

Its main ethos is ensuring that every group member ought to be absolutely certain of his/her ‘born-again’ experience in JESUS CHRIST and to consistently bear the fruits of his/her repentance during daily living activities for the glory and honour of GOD.

Initial activities of this newest OFNC sub-group are directed towards supporting one another within the group, laying good foundations for its future activities and introducing such activities, as and when appropriate, to the group members.

At the group’s first annual general meeting held during the 2016 August National conference, the members elected an advisory executive committee; thus:

Bro. Benson Ikini – Deputy co-ordinator;

Bro. Kayode Adenekan – IT Director;

Bro. Micheal Ibemesi – Secretary;

Sis. Margaret Ameobi – Treasurer.

The committee members are very frequently consulted by the national co-ordinator and they readily are in contact with each other, and also help to encourage group members all around the country. Their counsel is vital for shaping the group activities.

Each member of the Revived group is also an active member of either the OFNC’s Men or Women sub-groups, and of their local OFNC branches and churches. Therefore, the members resolved at their first General Meeting that the groups meetings would be limited only to the significant minimum.

The WhatsApp forum set up by Bro. Adenekan has significantly enhanced the group’s basic and organisational communications. Using it and e-mail communications, a 3-day prayer and fasting intercession (in which many of the brethren participated) was organised on behalf of some of the brethren who had health challenges and to support their respective families; and also to pray over the general OFNC family.

The group’s brethren are encouraged to engage very well with their respective local OFNC branches and churches; and to seek GOD’s direction  and help for personal evangelism opportunities around and in their own localities.

Between June 17 and 24, 2017 some members the Revived group enjoyed an OFNC-arranged holiday, sponsored by the 18 holidaymakers themselves who journeyed to the Spanish Costa del Sol. It was an excellent ‘all-inclusive’, low-cost, rest and relaxation opportunity for the individuals/couples and of joint fellowships and spiritual refreshments in a highly rated hotel environment at the 4* Best Benalmadena Hotel and environs.

A detailed report of the holiday is at the Revived Group (over-60s) WhatsApp forum. We praise GOD for the safety, grace and favour granted to all the holidaymakers in their various journeys and their very memorable holiday experiences.

To GOD’s glory, all the five set objectives for this first Revived (over-60s) group overseas holiday were attained:

  1. To help each person/couple enjoy a relaxed and first class private holiday experience;
  2. Improve Christian fellowship among the brethren;
  3. Ensure that each holidaymaker is 100% assured of his/her personal salvation in our LORD JESUS CHRIST;
  4. Equip each person in GOD’s holiness and righteousness for their future living;
  5. And to equip each person to become a better prayer warrior and to establish the personal habit of routinely waiting daily on GOD.

The above last three objectives were met through three anointed Bible-based teachings and discussions over three of the seven-days holiday.

A pattern for future similar holidays now seem established. And by HIS grace, at this year’s (2017) August national OFNC conference -during the specific over-60s annual general meetings- the three joint holiday discussions would be repeated, but in abridged forms -for the benefit, especially, of the other brethren who could not travel for the holiday.

Remain always blessed in our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Bro. Onyebuchi Eseonu

National co-ordinator, OFNC Revived (over-60s) group.