Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians

Everyone a faithful disciple of Christ

Missions, Evangelism & Discipleship

The directorate of Missions, Evangelism and Discipleship works with all branches and age group ministries.  We are guided by our motto, ‘everyone a faithful disciple of Christ’.  This directorate is currently headed by Professor Bamidele Adebisi and Dr Ifeolu Akintunde.  Among the many programmes we run are: 

Back to Roots:   

This programme is designed for international students. It is motivated by the fact that the OFNC was founded by Nigerian students who came into the UK and needed to keep their spiritual lives invigorated in a land with a different culture.  Although most OFNC members are now successful professionals, we will not forget our roots.  Student life has evolved since the 1960s, with changing culture, technology and attitudes; but the need for Spiritual growth remains.  Our aim is to assist students with all aspects of settling in the UK during their study, mentor them and prepare them for the rest of their lives, both spiritually and in any other way we can.  We  

  • Visit branches; 
  • Organise national activities; 
  • Work with individual students; 
  • Have special schemes, such as the COVID assistance scheme in 2020. 

    We have a YouTube playlist which international students and young professionals may find useful.  CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR YOUTUBE PAGE

    One Soul A Year (ISAY Be a Friend). 

    Jesus commanded us to go into the world and make disciples of all nations.  This scheme encourages everyone to aim to win at least one soul a year for Christ.  You don’t have to go out into the streets preaching, because Jesus did much more than that.  Jesus said that His disciples will be known by the love they show, one for another.  So, we encourage everyone to take time out for at least one person a year, just showing love in action.  This could be anything from inviting them to dinner, to helping them with shopping, to being there to listen.  The big miracles happen when we get the small things right.  You may see our logo on OFNC publications as a reminder to go out and win at least one soul each year for Jesus.  

    General evangelism: 

    In addition, every branch is encouraged to run an outreach programme.  Most branches have an evangelism secretary to organize evangelical events.  We are also developing links with organisations that promote evangelism in the UK and around the world. 

     The Medical Mission 

    The medical mission started about 10 years ago and involves collaboration with Nigerian medical institutions.  Before the pandemic, several of our medical personnel visited Nigerian medical institutions such as the Baptist Hospital in Ogbomosho.  You can read about it in (put the link to last year’s article in Arise).  Although the pandemic has prevented further visits, we have still maintained our links and have developed new ones with UCH.  Look out for more information. 


    Our drive for accessibility is also influenced by how Jesus reached out to marginalized people in society, especially the sick and disabled.  In the parable of the sheep and the goats, he said to the sheep, “when I was sick, you visited me”.  So we reach out to all, encouraging people with access requirements to attend and participate in all our activities.  The OFNC is a sightloss friendly church (SLFC) www.sightlossfriendlychurch.org.uk and on the Through The Roof list of accessible Christian venues Roofbreakers – Through the Roof.  You can see our accessibility policy here (put the link). 

    Advocacy group on persecution. 

    The OFNC is also committed to highlighting the plight of Christians facing persecution and seeking to meet the needs of those who have been displaced by the ethnoreligious crisis in Nigeria.  We work with branches and outside organisations to pray, raise funds, provide essentials and engage in advocacy.  You can see pictures of the hostel built in Edo state for displaced children on our website.  Please join the group HERE on the last Sunday of every month, (except in August and December) at 8PM for either prayers or a talk.  The previous talks are available on our YouTube playlist.


    For more information, please contact: 

    Bamidele Adebisi bamidele.adebisi@ofnc.org.uk (+447985399832 

    Ifeolu Akintunde ifeolu.akintunde@ofnc.org.uk +447817734663). 


    If you are interested in becoming a member of OFNC (Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians), please email info@ofnc.org.uk