Become a Conference Builder

Thank you so much for registering for one of our events! We’re really looking forward to seeing you and invite you to subscribe to our mailing list for more updates.

We recently launched our Conference Builders Initiative.

As you may know, OFNC is an organisation run by volunteers, and funded by amazing members. We believe that our conferences should not only be held in the best of venues, they should also be accessible to anyone who has a desire to attend.

One of the ways this is achieved is through our “No person left behind” policy. This has led us to step in and enable hundreds of people attend events that would otherwise have been unaffordable to them. Even for those who pay the full amount will find that the tickets for a full conference weekend in a top-rated hotel are heavily subsidised.

This ability to be a blessing is only possible because of the support of amazing members like you.

We invite you to set up a monthly partnership from now until the August Conference to help support families and individuals who would otherwise not be able to attend.

All Conference Builders will be able to chose the monthly partnership amount. And no amount is too little.

Everyone who partners will be presented with a Conference Builder certificate as someone who has helped to make our conferences possible.


How do I become a Conference Builder?

Thank you for your interest in partnering with the OFNC as a Conference Builder. There main way of partnering is through using the form on this page, via paypal. As a conference builder there will be a payment taken every month from the date that you initially pay. Alternatively you can contact us at for details on making direct payments.

Suggested Amounts