Over 60’s

Brief Report on the activities of the  OFNC Revived Group (over-60’s)

Initial activities of this OFNC newest national sub group aim at supporting one another, laying a strong base for its future activities and introducing such activities, as and when appropriate, to the members. (Overall, the group’s objective is to ensure that, after all is said and done, each member must inherit eternal life in the end; in our Saviour and Lord, JESUS CHRIST.)

Visitations to the members in their respective homes and their branches are on-going.

At their first annual general meeting held during the 2016 August National conference, the members also elected an advisory executive committee; thus:
Bro. Benson Ikini — Deputy co-ordinator;
Bro. Kayode Adenekan — IT Director;
Bro. Micheal Ibemesi — Secretary;
Sis. Margaret Ameobi — Treasurer.

This leadership team is in contact with members around the country; and are
very frequently consulted by the national co-ordinator on the group’s affairs.

Every member of the Revived group is also an active member of either the OFNC’s Men or Women sub-groups; and of their local churches. (Therefore, the members resolved at the General Meeting that the group’s meeting be limited to the significant minimum.)
They are however encouraged to be pro-active in the above mentioned groups; and to look out for for personal evangelism opportunities around their localities.

Bro. Adenekan set up a well-used WhatsApp forum which enhances the group’s general and organisational communications. With it and e-mails, a 3-day prayer and fasting intercession (many of the Revived brethren participated) was recently organised especially for our brethren who have had urgent health challenges; and for their respective families and the general OFNC family.

Currently, plans are afoot for a group holiday this year from June 17 to 24 at the Costa del Sol, Spain; mainly for the members. This excellent ‘all-inclusive’, high-grade but low-cost, holiday opportunity in a 4*-rated Spanish hotel environment and location, was also opened up to other interested OFNC members (especially the married couples.) However, its registration has since closed: further opportunities should be available next year.


Bro. Onyebuchi Eseonu

National Co-ordinator, OFNC Revived (over-60’s) group.