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I say Be a friend

We live in a world that is full of evil and wickedness, hatred and enmity, anger and resentment, war and disaster. 

One would expect the whole of humanity to respond to such situations as we found in our world with friendship and love that could be translated to peace and tranquility. However, what we see is so far from it as people who feel they have been offended continue to hurt and strive daily to avenge themselves, thus perpetrating and continuing the cycle of offence-hurt-hatred-revenge-offence. It then seems that our world has little or no chance of experiencing peace that we all so desire.

Every human being has the capacity to love.

The activation of human capacity to genuinely love their neighbours is never automatic. It is necessarily under the influence of a catalyst that enables the process to be complete. 

A man who lived here on earth over 2000 years ago, and adjudged to be the most influential person that ever walked this earth said:

“Greater love has no man than this: that a man lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do whatever I command you.”

You may have already guessed that the man I referred to is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He in fact said many things about love, friendship, hope and peace. One of the most popular of His sayings is this: 

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.”

The love of God in human beings is the catalyst that enables them to effectively activate their capacity to love genuinely and sacrificially – such is the kind of love that our world today desperately needs. 

Although God’s love is available freely to every human being, we cannot access it until the problem of sin is dealt with properly. It is Sin that makes access to God, the giver of perfect love, impossible. This is because God is holy, righteous and just in absoluteness. That is why, over 2000 years ago, Jesus came and paid the penalty for sin by dying sacrificially on a cruel cross. The story did not end there; He rose again on the third day and by that act, conquered sin and its consequences. This is why we celebrate Easter to commemorate the victory He wrought for us.

For mankind to build friendship that endures and build a world that is free of hate and bitterness, we need to be friends with God first. Any man can be friends with God but they will require faith;

Faith to acknowledge the problem of sin and its consequences – death and eternal separation from God

Faith to trust in the complete work of salvation through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Faith to trust in the availability of the power and love of God through Jesus Christ, which can all be yours – all paid for by Jesus’ sacrificial death.

If you genuinely exercise your faith as above, then you will not only experience the presence and power of God’s love working as catalyst to activate your love capacity, you will have an assurance of blessed relationship with God here on earth and a sure hope of eternity with Him in His heaven at the end of your life. This is what it means to become a born-again Christian.

You, no doubt, would like to know more about Jesus Christ and becoming His friend. The best way to do this is by talking to someone who has had a personal experience of the love of God through Jesus Christ. 

I am sure that the person who gave you this leaflet will be willing to help you, but you may also like to contact our team using the details below. 

Thank you for patiently reading through.

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